frida kahlo: art, garden, life exhibition

New Zealand is a beautiful place to live but sometimes every so often we wish we lived in NYC. Because if we did - we could go and see this wonderful exhibition on Frida Kahlo's garden. And if you do live there or are visiting please send us some photos. 

Everybody loves Frida Kahlo and her work, but what is very interesting, especially to us at garden objects, is her love of gardening and how plants inspired much of her work. The New York Botanical Garden has realised this and decided to stage the first exhibition to focus exclusively on Kahlo's intense interest in the botanical world. Even more inspiring perhaps is that they have decided to display this inside their conservatory. 

Kahlo photographed in front of a cactus fence, San Angel, 1938 © Nickolas Muray
Frida Kahlo in her garden at Casa Azul, 1951 © Gisele Freund

Frida's courtyard garden in Mexico, now a museum

The Exhibition - looking through the conservatory © Sai Mokhtari, Gothamist

The Exhibition - a recreation of The pyramid designed by Diego Rivera

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