fruit tree pruning

July and August (in NZ) are the months to prune roses and fruit trees, as during these winter months the trees and plants are dormant. The aim of pruning fruit trees is to control the overall shape and height of the tree, to encourage fruiting wood for regular crops, to let light into the tree and finally to remove any diseased branches.

Whether you are pruning roses or fruit trees there are certain tools you should use in order to do a good job. Luckily, you can find these here at garden objects;

felco pruners | no.2

A must have for any gardener and arguably the best secateurs available, no.2 pruners are the original Felco secateurs and can cut through 25mm of plant life. Family run Felco have been making secateurs in Switzerland since 1945.

felco leather holster with clip

The Felco holster comes complete with loop and clip, so you can attach it to your belt, making it easy to transport around the garden. The leather holster is well made and hard wearing and is designed to fit the Felco No.2 Pruners. 

leather work gloves | mens and ladies sizes

These are full grain calfskin leather gardening gloves made by French glove maker Rostaing. The Rostaing company have been making gloves since 1789 and offer the finest in gardening protection. The unlined leather gloves are light, soft and supple, whilst the long length completely covers the wrist, making them essential around the garden. 

opinel pruning saw | no.12

The Opinel pruning saw No.12 is very handy for small pruning jobs in the garden. The saw blade ensures outstanding cutting, whilst the anti-corrosion coating protects it from rust. The wooden handle is beech, sustainably sourced, and incorporates a channel for the saw blade to be housed in.

jute bags

After pruning simply fill with slightly damp leaves from your garden and leave in a shady corner until the following year. This will produce a wonderfully nutritious soil conditioner which is slightly acidic, making it an ideal mulch for beds and borders. They are also ideal for storing produce.


This helpful clip illustrates exactly how you should prune a young apple tree:

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