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With Valentines Day just around the corner, it feels like love is in the air! So, we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to share with you a beautiful recipe for candied rose petals.  

We like to use these delicately scented sweet treats to decorate desserts and petit fours, such as Donna Hay's amazingly easy Chocolate Truffles.


The perfect way to your loved one's heart.


You'll need:
spray free roses
1 egg white lightly whisked
granulated white sugar (we recommend giving it a light blitz in a food processor to get a finer grain)

step 1 | gently remove petals from the head of the rose, making sure to clean and dry them before moving on to the next stage.

step 2 | apply a light covering of egg white gently with your finger.

step 3 | hold the coated petal over a plate of sugar and, using a spoon, sprinkle the sugar over the petal. 

step 4 | place the petal on a wire rack and allow it to dry.

Once dry use your edible candied petals to decorate cakes and desserts.  We recommend using the candied petals the same day.

This also works with geranium petals, lavender and mint leaves.


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