grafa tube trowel

$80.00 $35.00

This item is ex-display and as such has started to patina. Made by hand in a Melbourne workshop, the single piece Grafa tube trowel is constructed of reclaimed copper.

This beautiful trowel is designed specifically for digging in established garden plots as well as slightly more difficult or clayish soils. It is also ideal for planting seedlings and bulbs, as well as removing weeds.

Grafa founder Travis has specialised in making artisan tools from his Melbourne workshop since 2011. A keen gardener, Travis is inspired by the Austrian naturalist movement, which showed that copper tools could benefit soils in agriculture. Where possible Grafa makes use of reclaimed materials to create their tools.

Over time the copper and bronze will patina. To ensure the longevity of the product do not leave the tool outside.

Dimensions: 27cm x 4cm at the widest point. Comes within cardboard packaging.