long reach outdoor watering can | 4.5 litre


The long reach outdoor watering can is made in England from heavy gauge steel which is galvanised to prevent rusting. The can has been ergonomically designed to allow easy watering of back of beds, dense foliage or extra deep borders. It is comfortable to use, with 2 handle options to help control the water flow. It features a detachable oval brass rose, ideal for tender seedlings or plants and comes in a powder coated titanium finish. This watering can is an iconic piece for any gardener.

Haws have been making watering cans since 1886 when John Haws of Clapton, London, patented his first design. Ever since Haws have been manufacturing the finest watering cans, respected by gardeners across the globe.

Expected life: 10 years.

Dimensions: 80.5cm long x 21cm x 23cm.