beetroot | bull's blood


Heritage Status: Overseas
Bio-Region of Origin: Hawkes Bay
Number of seeds: 150
Packet dimensions: 12.5 x 9cm

Description: Selected by seedsman Kees Sahin in the Netherlands from the French variety Crapaudine for the darkest coloured leaves. The juice from this beet is used to make the only red food colouring allowed by Swedish law. Very sweet 35 days for edible leaves, 55 days for edible root.

Planting Instructions: Scatter seed into trays leaving plenty of space so they don't need pricking out, cover with 3mm of seed raising mix. Transplant 2-4 weeks later at 10 cm diagonal spacing.

Koanga institute is home to New Zealand's largest heritage organic seed collection. Their work focuses on growing nutrient dense seeds in a regenerative manner for the next generation's health and well being. All Koanga seeds are grown organically in New Zealand.

Comes with a planting guide. Only for sale within New Zealand.