cécile daladier | pique fleur anniversaire


This Cécile Daladier's raku fired vase is intended for birthday celebrations, the centre consisting of a candlestick big enough to hold a single small beewax candle. The rim of the vase is decorated with small holes for foraged blooms or wid flowers. We like the idea that one of these might be pressed as a memento after each birthday.

Parisian-born Cécile works from her studio in the south of France where she shapes and fires her ceramics. Her passion for gardening and plants is echoed in her unique work which focuses on vases and objects linked to the botanical world.

Due to the handmade nature of this product there are many variances to the glaze and finish, this is what we think makes it special. It is recommended that the filled vase be placed on a saucer or mat to protect your furniture.

Dimensions: Ø10cm x 7.5cm high.