corn | country gentleman


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Number of seeds: 50
Packet dimensions: 12.5 x 9cm

Description: Introduced in 1890 by S.D. Woodruff & Son this is 'shoepeg' type sweet corn where the kernels are packed in a zigzag pattern around the cob rather than in rows. White kernelled, super sweet, delicious (one of the best) sweet corn that has many tillers on each plant when well grown with multiple cobs (we have seen 8 on 1 plant) the beards are very reddish and handsome so we think that's where the 'Country Gentleman' comes in.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow seeds into trays and transplant when 5-8 cm high and soil temperature reached 15-16 degrees C. Transplant into beds at 40 cm diagonal spacing. 

Koanga institute is home to New Zealand's largest heritage organic seed collection. Their work focuses on growing nutrient dense seeds in a regenerative manner for the next generation's health and well being. All Koanga seeds are grown organically in New Zealand.

Comes with a planting guide.