marigold | naughty marietta


Heritage Status: Overseas
Number of seeds: 50
Packet dimensions: 12.5 x 9cm

Description: Annual 30cm. Naughty Marietta is a great vege companion flower because they form low ground cover type bushes which are great on the edges of garden beds. This one has medium size, double frilly, bright, showy, two colour yellow and deep maroon flowers.

Planting Instructions: Plant into trays in Spring and prick out when first leaves appear to 2.5 cm diagonal spacing. Transplant when 6 cm high at 30 cm spacing.

Koanga institute is home to New Zealand's largest heritage organic seed collection. Their work focuses on growing nutrient dense seeds in a regenerative manner for the next generation's health and well being. All Koanga seeds are grown organically in New Zealand.

Comes with a planting guide. Only for sale within New Zealand.