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woven akebi brooch


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Beautifully handwoven brooch made from the dried vines of akebi, crafted in Japan especially for us, by artisan Moe Watanabe. 

During the months of September and October Moe gathers akebi vines in the Japanese mountains, where it grows in abundance. Once harvested the vines are dried before being woven or tied (musubi) into intricate shapes such as these brooches. 

Each delicate brooch has a metal pin for attaching to your shirt or sweater. There are two designs, one round, like a flower, and one rectangle.

Each piece is unique and due to the nature of the materials, there will be variation and peeling of the vine - as is the way of nature.

Dimensions: round Ø4cm, rectangle 5cm x 3.5cm. Sizes are approximate.