french willow basket | small


Our beautiful willow baskets are handcrafted by an artisan weaver in a small village in the Dordogne region of France.

Each basket starts life as a hoop made on a jig, once dry the hoop is fitted with central ribs of split willow. Whole willow rods are then geometrically braided around the frame and more ribs are added. In preparation of this stage, the rods, which are grown and hand-harvested by the weaver, are soaked for a month to ensure they can be woven without splitting. Once finished the basket is braced for several days of drying.

The large willow basket has 6 ribs and is a generous size. The shape is inspired by the Irish sciathog, or potato straining basket.

Also available in medium.

Dimensions: Ø24cm x 10cm high.