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heirloom french shallot | little sun seeds


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This is a beautiful, rare, heirloom shallot, and it’s hard to get hold of so often sold out.
While there’s just a small amount of seed per pack (much less than the other onion varietals), it is still plenty to get a good crop. Plant direct in a sunny spot late winter/early spring. Enrich soil with compost. When seedlings have sprouted, thin out to 10cm apart by leaving the strongest seedlings in. Four months later, in the warmer months, clear soil away from the formed bulbs to expose the surface to the sun, which hardens the skins and prepares the shallot for harvest.
Harvest on a dry day in late summer when foliage is yellow and topples over.

Little Sun Seeds is based on Waiheke Island, and boasts a collection of organic seeds for the home gardener. Seed is sourced from across the North and South Island and packaged into envelopes with handwritten growing instructions.

Only for sale within New Zealand.