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light mill


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The light mill is a simple, but mesmerising instrument constructed from an airtight glass bulb containing a partial vacuum. Inside the bulb is a set of four vanes, each of which reacts to sunlight, causing them to rotate on their axis, the more intense the light the faster they spin. A perfect curiosity for the contemplative gardener. Available in 4 colours: violet, olive, steel blue & clear.

The light mill was originally developed by Victorian scientist Sir William Crookes during his investigations into electromagnetic radiation intensity.

Dimensions: H13cm, globe ø8cm.

Each light mill is made carefully by hand, as such there can be small variances in colour and size. The vanes are made of stone slate, painted black on one side. Very occasionally the paint may flake from the vanes - this is not a fault, and won’t impact the mechanics of the piece.