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NZ spinach liked well-drained, reasonably good soil, though will tolerate a variety - often grows well in salty soil near beaches and estuaries. Likes sun or partial shade. Companion plants include peas, beans, strawberry and coriander.

Sow in spring - soak seeds for a few hours, then plant 4 seeds per mound, about 50cm apart. They’re not great at germinating, so by sowing multiple seeds in a spot, you will hopefully get 1-2 plants in that area. Requires very little attention. Enjoy the succulent leaves in salads or cooked like other spinach varieties.

Little Sun Seeds is based on Waiheke Island, and boasts a collection of organic seeds for the home gardener. Seed is sourced from across the North and South Island and packaged into envelopes with handwritten growing instructions.

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