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organic lettuce | little sun seeds


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This crisp-leaved lettuce grows so well in summer- it tolerates heat without bolting and leaves can be harvested from the outside as you require, or you can pick the whole lettuce too.

Sow in a seed tray in spring and summer. The seeds are small and need light to germinate so should be sown thinly on the soil surface and topped with a thin layer of seed-raising mix. They'll need light, warmth (but not too hot - should be sheltered and shaded from the hotter days). Grow seedlings on for three to four weeks before planting into the garden.

Choose a sunny, sheltered spot for spring planting. Lettuces that will be maturing over summer appreciate a bit of shade at the hottest time of the day. Planting them on the shady side of a row of beans etc simple way to keep them cool. A cloche is handy to shelter them from rain and late frosts and keeps birds and cats away too. Protect from slugs and snails. Keep moisture levels even and liquid feed weekly with worm tea or fertiliser to avoid bitter, tough leaves.

Little Sun Seeds is based on Waiheke Island, and boasts a collection of organic seeds for the home gardener. Seed is sourced from across the North and South Island and packaged into envelopes with handwritten growing instructions.

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