welsh onion | little sun seeds


This is a perennial - so it lasts longer than one season! I love these because you can use them like a spring onion if harvested young, or leave it to grow and the bulb will keep developing into a standard white onion. They only take up a small amount of space and are easy to grow. Popular in Asian cooking - there is actually no Welsh connection!
Plant directly in the garden late winter/spring directly in a sunny spot with a little bit of compost. Thin out seedlings to 15cm apart. Harvest tops like spring onion or wait for bulbs to form. You can divide the clumps and replant as well to keep your stocks going strong.

Little Sun Seeds is based on Waiheke Island, and boasts a collection of organic seeds for the home gardener. Seed is sourced from across the North and South Island and packaged into envelopes with handwritten growing instructions.

Only for sale within New Zealand.