what makes a garden by jinny blom


The follow up book to the tremendously successful The Thoughtful Gardener (2017) a the second book by Jinny Blom, one of the world's leading garden designers and our dear friend.

What Makes a Garden builds upon the work of The Thoughtful Garden, giving a broader idea of how Jinny thinks about garden design. In particular her approach, which embraces architecture, conservation and art, coupled with a strong holistic thread.

This fascinating and insightful book looks at how a garden should please all five senses; how it is an alchemical mix of the inanimate and the living; and also how it has to accommodate both the effects of time and the influences of culture.

This is not intended as a book of rules but rather a way of thinking about garden design and making sure it responds to the particularities of place, the culture and the demands of the client. Drawing on her work and experience over the last 20 years or so, the book gets to the heart of what people want and need from a garden and what makes it different from a natural landscape.

Reflecting Jinny's highly individual approach to garden design, the book is filled with warmth and character alongside her expert knowledge. With a broad appeal, this beautiful book will appeal to the widest audience of garden lovers: thoughtful yet practical and informative, it marries artistry with functionality.

This is a process we have much admired, particularly as our own Jared Lockhart was fortunate enough to cut his landscaping teeth alongside Jinny in his formative years.

Dimensions: 23.5cm x 28cm. Hardback. 256 pages.